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Apr 20 '14
yodaka - amane


yodaka - amane

Apr 15 '14
Guren no Yumiya



just click play.

is this fucking dubstep

Apr 15 '14
Local Bus - Sakurami Oka (Sakurami Oka)


Local Bus - 桜見丘

Apr 10 '14
Kano - 天ノ弱 (A Born Coward)
Apr 8 '14

EDI & Joker by makani

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Apr 8 '14
TK from 凛として時雨 - introduction (film A moment)


TK from 凛として時雨 - introduction

Apr 8 '14
Daughter - Smoke (Smoke)

tell the doctor what’s become of me
so you can analyse, analyse my dreams
of a smoke filled room

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Apr 6 '14
Canappeco - 木星 (Misora Sketch)

canappeco - 木星

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Apr 4 '14
BOY - Drive Darling (Mutual Friends)

Somehow you’re always by my side
The one who holds my kite
And watches over all my flights

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Apr 1 '14
New Politics - Tonight You're Perfect (A Bad Girl in Harlem)

I wanna fall in love,

but only for the night

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